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Discover a unique energy management system, designed to enjoy the energy of the sun and a greater comfort in your home.


Solar energy 24 hours a day

Welcome to a better world, welcome to the era of solar self-consumption. Now, thanks to our smart batteries, you can store the electricity generated by your solar panels, and use it any time, when you really need it.
Thanks for using solar energy.

The management system
learns everyda

Thanks to their Internet connection, smart batteries consult the weather forecast, the current electricity tariff and your consumption habits, which allows them to decide the best moment to be charged from solar energy or from the grid.
New times for energy.

Produce, store and consume
your own energy

By producing solar energy and storing it, you will achieve 95% consumption of the solar energy that you generate. Thanks to self-consumption with smart batteries, you will also reduce the use of polluting energy. Now you can enjoy the sun 24 hours a day.
The energy model is changing.

The only house with light

Thanks to the Ampere Energy Back-up system, you can continue with your normal activity even in case of power failure. It has two modes of connection; through a special back-up line, or with an automatic disconnection box for the whole house.
Enjoy your energy all the time.

Everything you need
in one system

The system includes all the elements to be quickly and safely installed: hybrid bidirectional inverter, NMC Lithium Ion batteries and Energy Management System (EMS). Just connect it to the solar array and the distribution panel of your home to start enjoying your energy independence.
Ready to go!


from your smartphone

With our app AMPi, you can check at any time and from any of your devices how much energy you produce, store and consume. With your user data, you can see the information of the Ampere systems that you have connected.
All your energy in real time.

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