Our Mission

Allow anyone to take control of their energy, thanks to innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Taking an innovative approach to the environment, we created the Ampere project to encourage the use of clean energy and help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Smart Ampere Energy batteries are the real engine of self-consumption, since they get to use 95% of the solar energy production.

Our Objective

We manufacture energy management systems based on the storage of electricity, both for domestic and commercial use.

Our systems are All in One, they contain batteries, inverter and Energy Management System (EMS), all the necessary elements to work autonomously. They connect to the solar array in DC and to the distribution panel in AC. You can forget about connections and gadgets, you will only see one piece.

The Energy Management System (EMS) is the most important part of the equipment. This brain is based on an advanced software that manages the energy that the user produces, stores and consumes throughout the day. This information is saved in our Cloud to analyse it together with the weather forecast and the current electricity tariff. The purpose of the EMS is to decide the most efficient way and time to charge the batteries.

Hello, welcome to the future

The production of solar energy will be the main source of energy of the planet.

Thanks to self-consumption, in a few years most of the energy production will be decentralized, as each user will produce their own energy. This will prevent losses in energy transport, reduce energy poverty and promote sustainability by increasing the use of clean energy. In this new scenario, AMPERE ENERGY smart systems allow the use of solar energy 24 hours a day, reaching the maximum efficiency of photovoltaic production and ensuring that energy needs are covered anytime, regardless of the weather conditions.

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