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Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have about our smart energy storage systems.

General questions

¿What is the product?

AMPERE ENERGY is a new smart energy storage manager. It is not just a battery, but an autonomous system capable of deciding the most optimal moment for buying, storing and using electricity.
Our advanced system AMPi analyses your consumption profile, the weather forecast and the current electricity tariff. With all this information, it optimizes and manages your consumption, saving up to 70% on your bill.

What benefits can I get with an Ampere Energy system?

In addition to significantly reduce your electricity bill, you will have the possibility of optimizing your energy usage. AMPi, our energy management system, knows at every moment the energy that you produce, store and consume, the weather forecast and the current electricity tariff. All the calculations are focused on maximizing the efficiency of your energy consumption.

Do I have to make any changes or communicate with my electricity company?

Our engineers will give you all the information to choose the electric tariff that best suits you, the solar array (if you want to install it) and the Ampere Energy model that best suit your needs. In order to use our system efficiently, we always recommend the hourly electricity tariff and a reduction on the electricity power. This tariff modification can be done by calling your company, or your installer can easily manage it.
However, in our analysis, we can recommend you the best energy marketer according to the area where your home or business is, who will take into account the most appropriate tariff depending on your consumption.

How do I choose a model?

We recommend that the storage capacity of the chosen system is in balance with your consumption. Anyway, we will do a personalized study, without commitment or cost, to recommend the system that best suits to you. Ampere Energy models are differentiated by their storage capacities. You can choose between 3, 6, 9 and 12 kWh. In an average consumption of a house, a 6 kWh battery allows you to enjoy electricity for 4 hours, although it can be very different depending on the surface of the house and your consumption habits.

Can AMPERE ENERGY be part of my new solar installation?

If you plan to install a new photovoltaic solar installation, these systems are perfect, since they allow you to store the energy that you produce, multiplying your profitability.

Are the capacity of the batteries expandable?

Our system is modular and you can scale your equipment up to a maximum of 18kWh. Whether your consumption is 3 kWh or 100 kWh, we will always give you a totally personalized advice according to your needs and we will suggest you the best combination for your home, business or industry.

Once the system is installed, after a few years we do not recommended to put new batteries in parallel, as the system would work unbalanced. The best possibility is to add new systems that would work as Master and Slave, increasing your energy storage capacity.

What are the requirements for installing an Ampere Energy system?

The only requirement for the correct functioning of our system is to be connected to the Internet, so that it operates as efficiently as possible. The consumption of Internet data is normally no more than 3 Mb and you can get instant information on all your consumption data, forecasts and recommendations, as well as new updates to improve, if possible, your efficiency.

How is the system installed?

The “All in one” design allows for very easy installation. Once you acquire the equipment, a certified installer will make an appointment to find out where you want to place it in your home. The installation does not last more than 3 hours. Once installed, the system is ready to be used, since it works completely automatically. Through AMPi, our APP, you can see your data in real time from any smartphone.

What happens if I move?

You can take the system with you wherever you go. Our product is like a household appliance. It occupies less space than a refrigerator and it weighs less than a washing machine. All you have to do is reinstall it in your new home.

What happens if the batteries run out?

The manufacturer of the lithium cells that we use in batteries is LG. They assure that your system will work perfectly above 80% of its capacity for more than 10 years. Batteries have more years of power management. At the end of their useful life you should take them to a specialized waste collection centre, and they will be in charge of recycling the battery in the best conditions. At that time, you will enjoy facilities and opportunities in acquiring new Ampere Energy batteries to renew your smart energy storage system.

What is the difference between Ampere Energy and other manufacturers?

Ampere Energy system has a unique feature: its energy manager system is intelligent and completely autonomous. Their calculation algorithms learn everyday from the data.

We offer another innovative feature with respect to the competition: all the components are included in a single product; batteries, a photovoltaic bidirectional inverter, the smart energy manager and all the necessary connections, both for AC, back-up and photovoltaic. After installation, you will only see a single installed equipment.

Another advantage is its easy installation. The equipment is assembled with all necessary internal wiring. Batteries have to be placed and then it’s ready to plug it in.



Which models do we have?

We have developed 3 models with different storage capacities, suitable to the needs of your home.
Ampere Energy systems are distinguished by the capacity of the battery (kWh), and the load / discharge power of the inverter (kW). Available models are:

Ampere Sphere 3.3 with 3kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is spherical. It has 670mm of diameter.
Ampere Sphere 6.3 with 6kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is spherical. It has 720mm of diameter.

Ampere Square 3.3 with 3kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 800x700x180mm.
Ampere Square 6.3 with 6kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 900x800x180mm.
Ampere Square 6.5 with 6kWh battery and 5kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 900x800x180mm.

Ampere Tower 9.3 with 9kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 1700x700x180mm.
Ampere Tower 9.5 with 9kWh battery and 5kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 1700x700x180mm.
Ampere Tower 12.3 with 12kWh battery and 3kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 1700x700x180mm.
Ampere Tower 12.5 with 9kWh battery and 5kW power.
Its outer shape is rectangular. It measures 1700x700x180mm.

Where can I find the technical specifications of the products?

At the following links::
Data sheet Sphere
Data sheet Square
Data sheet Tower

Is it possible to connect an Ampere to AC?

Yes, all the Ampere Energy equipment can be connected to AC without a photovoltaic system. In this case, the system will only use power from the electricity grid in hourly discrimination tariff.

In the case of installing the system together with an existing photovoltaic installation, it will be connected in AC and to the old inverter in the new meter in order to measure the energy that it generates. This way, the system will charge the batteries with solar energy.

How does the Back-up system work?

Our systems include Back-up in a line of plugs that is independent to the domestic network, connected to the auxiliary output of our equipment. The installer is required to prepare this stand-alone power strip. It is limited to 13A (models with 3kW inverter) or 26A (models with 5kW inverter).

The duration of the Back-up function will depend on the available battery load and the power to which it is connected. With a fully charged 6kWh battery, you can deliver 1kW for 6h, or 2kW for 3h, or 3kW for 2h.

The power that AMPERE can withstand is limited by the inverter and the power source (battery and / or photovoltaic). With the 3kW inverter models, practically all the power can be supplied from the battery, and part from the photovoltaic. With the 5kW inverter models, around 3kW can be supplied from the battery and up to an additional 2kW can be supplied from photovoltaic. As photovoltaic is not always available, it is recommended not to take it into account when calculating the consumptions supported in Back-up.

Is it possible to use the system off-grid?

Yes, all Ampere Energy systems can be installed off-grid.

What is the maintenance of Ampere Energy systems?

The Ampere Energy systems do not require any maintenance, we only recommend cleaning the filters every year and a review of internal connections every 5 years.

Which is the warranty of Ampere Energy systems?

The warranty for our systems is 10 years, as long as the equipment is connected to the Ampere Cloud via internet. In case that the system is isolated from the internet, the warranty will be only 2 years.



How is it installed?

Link vídeo instalación + manual instalador resumido.

Can an Ampere Energy system be installed without solar installation?

Yes, it would be connected only in AC and it would work by managing the purchase of electricity using the hourly tariff. This is only possible if the house has an intelligent counter.

Is the Internet connection necessary?

Yes, the Internet connection is required for the monitoring and firmware updates, so that the system is always up to date. This will extend the warranty to 10 years.

Does the Ampere Energy system work for three-phase houses?

Yes, by working in only one-phase or installing one piece of equipment per phase.


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